​The use of translucent window coverings bring in the natural sun light and opens up the view without exposing the unsightly original windows. 


To create an elegant yet "effortless" atmosphere, a neutral pallet with sprinkles for visual texture were used.

All the windows have been replaced to maximize the view , allow sunlight and reveal the garden.

After entering the front door, the curved wall greets you and invites you into the heart of the home - the Greatroom.  This wall is the trophy case for their "treasures", the grand children's photographs.  The owner, who is an architect, strongly believes in "everyday design".  Practicality was the most important design principal.  

The natural light, warm colors, art work, exposed beams and the oversized seating all contributed to this relaxed, casual, easy living space.

To maximize the use of a small space (15 feet wide), this guest room was designed with a pair of twin size beds arranging on the opposite walls.  The mattress was set on a Balinese outdoor daybed which reenforced a casual atmosphere. The shelves provided storage and built-in lights to avoid clutter.

To better utilize the space and not conform to the traditional layout, the living room furniture is placed at a playful angle so the grand piano can face the audience.  The walls are also painted to add richness and warmth.


A ordinary spare room can be transformed into a modernized Japanese Tea Room.  The new doors and drapes suggest a japanese "shoji" and, the bamboo wood floor the "tatami".

​A limited budget make-over can still achieve amazing results by the proper use of color, materials and furnishings.


Whether you are looking to maximize your space, create a sanctuary, change the ambiance or express your individuality, we can help to identify the design opportunities and come up with solutions that suit you needs and are unique to you and your home.



For a penthouse apartment in Asia where space is precious, we create a light and airy atmosphere using every allowable area.  The contrast colors and stream-line furniture bring out the contemporary flare.