Colors & Finishes

Choosing the perfect palate for your décor can be difficult and intimidating yet can be the most dramatic enhancement you can make.  We’ll make the process easy and fun with great results.



Based on the understanding of your requirement and routine, and simple principals of Feng Shui, we know how to design and layout a space that has good flow and harmony that maximizes and compliments your space.

Design Options

We will offer a variety of design options and tackle the problematic areas from different design approaches to ensure that the choices we provide are the right ones for you.

Budget Analysis

We know how to achieve the most with the least.  We understand the importance of staying within budget without compromising the final design.


about us

We focus on designing your environment with an approach that describes & defines you, whether it is your home, personal space, office or business.  A well thought out design will reinvigorate you and enrich your everyday living experience.

We are experts in mix styles such as modern and classic or industrial and glam-chic to create a design that compliments your lifestyle, interests, or profession.