With limited budget, and use the same theory as applying facial make up, colors and a stencil design were painted on the surface to add dimensions.  Awning were also added for the shadow effect. The front column was painted with special sand-mixed pigments to imitate stone.

Have you considered design solutions that are "outside of the box"?  Our creativity reaches far beyond just the interior of your home.  

We provide comprehensive design services that includes your house's exterior and your outdoor living environment.  

 conceptual design of the facade 

outdoor living, landscape design

facade make over


Outdoor seating area with a fire pit were extensions of the interior once the sliding doors were opened.  The fountain on the wall was discreet and meant to blend in with the space. BBQ station and an outdoor shower complete the party scene.

By incorporating the adjacent outdoor storage area, the library was expanded.  With the glass enclosure and the canopy, the outdoor reading patio was sheltered from the sun and the rain.




The front walls were kept in place to comply with the code but the plains were manipulated to create dimension and volume.  The second story addition was set back on top of the new construction to avoid looking too massive, and to keep the construction cost down.  The original bricks which were on the facade of the old house were stripped, cleaned and reapplied to adorned the front entry and the chimney.