The kitchen is the "heart" of a home.

The open floor plan allows easy access and invites causal gatherings.

It is also part of the "Greatroom". The island provides 

additional support for entertaining a 

larger party. 

The redesigned floor plan provides better traffic flow. It also opens up to the Family Room for

entertaining or supervision of children.


Without changing the footprint

of the bathroom, the space was opened up by changing the direction of the entrance and simply moving the storage from the entry to the far end of the room.

HIS Bathroom (on the left) - By replacing the vanity with a larger piece of natural stone in a warm neutral tone, the old, tattered Spanish bathroom was transformed into a modern, clean and simplified space.

HER Bathroom (on the right) - The mosaic glass tiles are utilized to suggest the feel & effect of water.  This created a sense of calm and contemporary sophistication.

The newly updated floor plan

and the introduction of modern elements still reflect the style & flavor of an "Old Italian Villa".



The volume of the Bathroom, the use of natural stone along with the ample sunlight, allowed us to achieve the "cavern-like" atmosphere.

The total renovation of the Master Suite enabled us to reverse the location of the original Dressing room and Bathroom.


left - The Master Bathroom is opened up to a small, private outdoor sanctuary.


right - An ordinary tract home 

bathroom is now an exotic sauna spa.

Why not totally transform your old and out-dated bathroom into your dream spa? 

There are so many options to update and improve the flow and functionality and

materials of the space.


A modern, streamline, clean profile design is a good solution for a limited space.